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Congratulations to all the participants
who had a great run on Saturday!

All results may be accessed at:

We are unable to fax or mail a hard copy of the race results.

Next year's race will take place on September 23, 2017.
Online registration TBA.

Melissa's Road Race does not solicit sponsorship dollars. It is the mandate of our event, to provide for our participants, the very best, hospitality driven, running event in Canada. To that end, Melissa's provides and pays for all the rental items, entertainment, food and beverages, as well as insurance, licenses, t-shirts and cash prizes. Melissa's Road Race is not a fund raising event but has chosen over the years to donate any profits generated from our road race, back into the community.

For the eleventh year in a row, Melissa's Restaurant and Bar is proud to be a donor to the Banff Canmore Community Foundation. It is our privilege to be associated with the foundation and the many works that they have endorsed for residents of the Bow Valley, present and future. We are also proud of our commitment to the Banff Daycare Society and the Banff Community HIgh School Green Team on an ongoing basis.

This year runners will be able to purchase photos from
Marathon-Photos. Please visit their website for more details.






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